Friday, June 4, 2010

Math Class Cake

This week in math class we were assigned to bring in some sort of food with an algebraic theme. Of course Ariana and i chose to bake a cake! This cake is moist white cake with chocolate fudge icing. We put bright green fondant on top of that and used bright pink icing to make the large graph on top as well as the ones on the sides. We also decorated the sides with smaller chocolate graphs and made buttercream swirls to add a little more decoration. The bottom border is also done with buttercream icing. Hope you enjoyed this cake!

Helen's Lacrosse Cake

We made this birthday cake for one of my lacrosse teammates. She said she wanted a lacrosse themed cake so we made two crossed lacrosse sticks on the top with decorative swirls. This cake is triple chocolate cake with fudge chocolate icing. We covered that with bright blue fondant and i rolled some green fondant into shapes of lacrosse sticks. All of the white is done with buttercream icing including the bottom border and the letters are cut from green fondant. We hope you like this cake!