Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ninja Cake

We made this ninja themed cake for a boy that turned 9 years old. It was a mint chocolate chip cake with white mint frosting. On the surface of the cake we spray painted silver candy spray paint in a graffiti-like pattern. The corners of the cake are decorated with chocolate ninja stars and in the center of the cake is one giant chocolate ninja we made from mint flavored chocolate. To make these chocolate figures, you can pipe melted chocolate on wax paper and peel it off when it is cooled.

Cake for Twins!

My sister and I made these cakes for twin boys that were turning 1 year old. We were pretty excited since we are identical twins as well. Both cakes were white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. We covered one in light green fondant and one in light blue fondant. We also made little safari animals and trees out of colored chocolate to decorate the cakes. To secure the chocolate onto the cake, we piped a little bit of frosting behind them and then we added white clouds to decorate the sides.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chocolate Leaf Red Velvet Cake

I made this cake for one of my teachers who is a big fan of red velvet cake. Because I prefer to make red velvet cake without fondant, I wanted to do something a little different for decorations so I made chocolate leaves. We have a tree at our house that has leaves that are smooth and perfect for creating chocolate leaves from. To make chocolate leaves, you melt chocolate and apply a layer on the back on the leaf, thick enough it won't crumble when you peel it off. Once the melted chocolate is on, let the leaves cool in the fridge until the chocolate is completely hard. I arranged the chocolate leaves so that I could put a piped rose in the middle. The outside of the cake is pretty simple, jut covered in a cream cheese frosting with a red shell boarder along the bottom.

A Visit to Carlo's Bakery!

As big fans of the show Cake Boss on TLC, my sister and I went to visit his bakery in Hoboken, NJ during Thanksgiving break. After waiting a line several blocks long for two hours, we finally got inside. We only got a glimpse of Buddy (the Cake Boss) but we made sure we got some tasty treats to take home with us including lobster tails and cream puffs.

Fairy Garden Cake

We made this cake for girl named Sarah on her 4th birthday. The theme of her party was fairy garden, so we created this cake after that theme. This is two tiers tall, each covered in green fondant. We used white cake, with chocolate frosting as a filling. By using strips of fondant, we created grass on the side of the cake. Using a flower tip, we piped pink flowers on and set toy tinker bells in the middle. We created red truffle chocolate roses, which we stuck to the side of the cake with icing. When the cake was fully decorated, we sprinkled edible glitter on top.

Baby Shower Cake

We made this cake for our cousin's baby shower! The cake had to be unisex because the gender of the baby was a surprise. Two of our blocks were red velvet cake and the other two were carrot cake, both with cream cheese frosting. This was a difficult cake to stack so we created a base for each block from plastic, and inserted wooden dowels into the blocks on the bottom. We tried to use neutral colors of fondant and decorations. This cake was designed to look like building blocks a baby would play with. We decorated the blocks with fondant and icing, and pictures made out or fondant or chocolate. On top of the boxes, we made a bear out of fondant. Next to the boxes we created a train of colored chocolate and green truffle booties.