Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rowing Cake!

This cake was for me and my teammates for our end of the year crew party. This cake was bigger than most that we make, but it had to feed a lot of people. The cake is white cake and chocolate fudge filling, covered in blue fondant. The boat shell, riggers, and oars were made from gum paste. The gumpaste was pained emerald green and gold (the colors of Pocock Rowing Center) with food coloring. There is a lot of detail in this boat; seats, tracks, foot stretchers and riggers. The oars even have the design that the clubs real oars do. The Pocock club symbol is in each corner and was made from colored buttercream icing. The gold medals are made from caramelized sugar and the waves in the water are buttercream icing. Great job 2010 Novice Girls' Rowing!

Congratulations Clay!

We made this cake for one of our friends when he won ASB president! For this cake we incorporated our school colors (Blue and Green) and our school mascot, the puma. This cake was made with moist white cake and creamy chocolate icing. We covered that with bright green fondant and cut out a blue paw print. We also cut out little blue balloons for the sides with gold ribbons. The letters we cut from white fondant and we bordered the paw print and base with buttercream icing. Congrats Clay!

Happy Mothers' Day!

We made this cake for our mom on Mothers' Day. This cake was delicious, it had a chewy brownie bottom, then rich chocolate cake with a cookies and cream frosting filling in-between! It was iced with the same cookies and cream frosting and drizzled in milk chocolate. We put chocolate chips all along the sides and drizzled those with even more chocolate. Then we bordered and top and bottom in chocolate fudge icing and put Oreos on the top edge! Happy Mothers' Day Mom!

Happy April and May Birthdays!

Because of spring break we didn't have time to make both an April and May cake, so combined them! Our theme was rain drops and flowers. This cake was moist white cake and buttercream icing. We then covered it in sky blue fondant and cut out darker blue rain drops. We also added pink and red swirly flowers on the sides. Our border on the base was bright green buttercream icing made to look like grass. The letters were cut from blue fondant and put on a white cloud. We hope you enjoy this cake!

Happy Birthday Dad!

This cake was a little different from most of the others that we do because it didn't have any fondant. Unfortunately Ariana likes white cake better that chocolate cake, but this time because its my dad favorite, we make a delicious chocolate cake. It was covered in creamy chocolate fudge icing too. We did use some buttercream icing to add a shell border to the bottom of the cake, and add more detail. We also colored some of the buttercream icing blue and green to add little flowers for decoration! I won't tell you how many candles we ended up putting on there, but we had quite a blaze going :)

Happy March Birthdays!

This month our March birthday cake was St. Patrick's Day themed. This cake was made with white cake and creamy chocolate frosting. We covered that with bright green fondant and cut out the rainbow beams from a variety of fondant colors. The base is bordered in chocolate icing and the letters on the top were written in chocolate icing. Our pot of gold beneath the rainbow was cut from black fondant, with gold fondant pieces. Hope you liked this cake!

Tolo Cake!

Normal people would just ask, but Ariana had to find a creative way to ask a guy to Tolo :) So of course she decided to make him a cake. This guy is a huge Huskies fan, so she made him a purple and gold cake. She also made it in the shape of a football, similar to a previous cake we made for a teacher. This cake was moist white cake and chocolate icing, then covered with royal purple fondant and gold football laces. She wrote out the words in gold buttercream icing. Thank goodness he said yes, but otherwise i would have eaten it. Hope you liked this cake!

Dany's Birthday Cake!

This cake was made for our friend Dany who is a huge fan of musicals. We make her a cake with music notes on it to express her love of music. This birthday cake is made with moist white cake and creamy chocolate icing. We covered that with royal blue fondant and cut out bright green music notes. We put those all over the cake with cut out bright green letters too. Happy birthday Dany!

Happy February Birthdays Everyone!

Every month we make a cake for all of our class mates that have a birthday in the month. Normally our cakes have a theme that has to do with the month, so we chose Valentine's Day. Like the majority of our cakes, this one is made with moist white cake and buttercream icing. We the covered it in vibrant red fondant and cut our pink hearts for decoration. The hearts are bordered in buttercream icing, as is the large heart at the top. Each letter is cut from white fondant, and we bordered the bottom in white icing as well. Hope you enjoyed this cake!

Basketball Cake!

This cake was made for Ariana's basketball end of the year party! It has two layers of moist white cake and buttercream icing. We carved this cake so that it would be rounded, like a basketball. We then covered it with bright orange fondant and piped black icing in a pattern of a basketball on top of that. Every player's name was written on this cake as well. We hope you like this cake!