Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

This is a birthday cake that we made for our advisor Ms. Kolmer. This is a red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting as the filling and covering the outside. She is a big fan of shoes, her favorite being cowboy boots, so we put a cowboy boot made of gum paste in the center. We piped red cream cheese frosting onto the cake using stencils we have as a guide. The cow boy boot is made of sugar gum paste and to color it we painted it with diluted gel food coloring.

Lacrosse Cake

We made this cake for our friend Cooper who is a big lacrosse fan so he wanted a lacrosse themed cake for his birthday. We designed this cake after his helmet. This cake was triple chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting as the filling. It is covered in white fondant and black and red fondant cut outs to make the helmet. On the side of the cake are crossing lacrosse sticks which we piped on with decorating icing.

Graduation Cake

We made this cake for our friend Liz for her graduation party. This is white cake with chocolate fudge frosting in the middle. We covered this cake in white fondant and then used different flower shaped cookie cutters to put green and blue flowers on it. To make the flower shaped fondant stick, we painted each back of the flower with egg whites. We were inspired to make this cake after looking at one of our favorite cake books called Cakes to Inspire and Desire.